How dividend policies generally work

Blog8 - How dividend policies generally work

So, you have bought stocks in a company and have been guaranteed yearly dividend. But do you know how the company’s dividend policy works? As an investor in stocks, it is important to find out how a company’s dividend payout policy works before you purchase its stocks so that you can determine whether it will suite your investment goals. Generally, the dividend payout policy is determined by the company’s board of directors who make considerations based on a number of factors. This is how dividend policies mostly work. Investment opportunities…

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Here’s how to identify a good stock broker

Blog7 - Here's how to identify a good stock broker

Many investors have made the unfortunate decision of picking a stock broker based primarily on the low commissions that they charge. But as is with many things in this world, cheap is not always the best choice. It is important for investors to conduct their due diligence taking into account various aspects of the broker’s service provision and track record as they seek to identify if they will meet their investment needs as well as goals. So, before you entrust your cash with a stock broker, here are a couple…

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7 tips for choosing the right online broker

BLog6 - 7 tips for choosing the right online broker

As an investor, the need to cut down on the commissions is probably the number one reason to turn to an online stock broker as you seek to optimize your finance.  It is therefore vital to do your homework and ensure you can identify an online broker who will adequately meet your needs but at the lowest cost. Let’s look at 7 tips for choosing the right online broker. Tip 1: Be mindful of their trading costs Most online brokerage platforms will charge a flat rate for trades that is…

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Finance – 4 main roles of an investment banker

Blog5 - Finance - 4 main roles of an investment banker

Before getting into financial investment, it is important for an investor to fully understand the roles of various players in the financial market as this maps out their path as they navigate these waters which can sometimes become stormy. One of the main people to know is an investment banker. The investment banker, does not directly engage individual investorsinstead,their job is toadvise their clients who are mostly government or corporate, and ensure that they are doing well in the capital markets. Let’s take a look at their roles. #They are…

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5 types of brokerage services

Blog4 - 5 types of brokerage services

A brokerage firm is basically the company that facilitates the connection of a buyer and seller to enable them carryout a transaction. It is essentially the vehicle a broker uses. He/she in turn earns their pay through a commission that will be earned when the transaction is successfully completed. In financial investment, it is common to seek the services of a stock broker because they have made it their business to monitor and understand the financial market as well as market trends and they use this knowledge and experience to…

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Stock – Simplifying primary and secondary capital markets

bLOG2 - Stock - Simplifying primary and secondary capital markets

In financial investment, the words finance, stock and broker go hand in hand as it is the way you combine them that will determine whether you are successful or you fail. As an investor, once you have the finance, it is important to identify the right stock to invest in. If you do not have sufficient knowledge on the capital markets then you need to identify a good broker to do this for you. Are we on the same page? This brings us to our topic where we are seeking…

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These are the 3 types of stock you must know

B1 - These are the 3 types of stock you must know

For most new investors the words stock market mostly sounds simplistic, a place they can go buy or sell stock – stock exchange. What they do not know is that there are usually different types of stock on offer, whether you are thinking of buying, selling of simply investing. The different types of stock available in the stock market each have their own unique advantages as well as disadvantages therefore before engaging a stock broker, you need to fully understand them. Let’s look at the 3 main types of stock…

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